Jesus Joshua 24:15

Jesus Joshua 24:15 is a local Christian Rock group with a big heart for the Lord. I've been helping them with their website since... a while.

Early Days

Somewhere in 2001/2002 I needed a project for one of my web programming classes. Fortunately, my friends in the band needed a new website.

The first version I put together was a step up from what was there before, but still fairly simple. Over the years I continually tweaked and adjusted as the needs of the band changed and as my skill level grew.

2006 Re-design

In 2006 Jesus Joshua 24:15 wanted a completely redesigned site to correspond with their new album release. This became the first iteration of the current design.

I started with a very customized fork of Snitz Forums and used that as the foundation for a more dynamic and interactive site. Since then there have been a few adjustments and various new features added.

Updates, Etc.

With work and family and life in general, things have been fairly quiet on the site - for them and me. I'm working on an updated "base package" for building sites and the band will be the first to get the new CMS and a new design.