Other Projects

There are a few other projects that I am involved in, but not under the “Wayward Son Developers” moniker.

Open Source Projects
Project Role
ASP-Ajaxed Michal Gabrukiewicz and a number of other contributors created an awesome library for those using ASP Classic. Michal passed away, but the site remained active.

In mid-2013 the official site disappeared. I was able to contact one of the other programmers that worked with Michal and received permission to take ownership of the project. I've kept the official site and the (now inactive) Google Code Project going since then.

With Google "retiring" Google Code, I set up an organization and moved the code to GitHub. There's a re-design for the official site in progress, and a move to GitHub pages, but no ETA as work, school, and life in general have curtailed some of my free time.

Snitz Forums
Back in 2004, my boss asked me to integrate a support forum into our LMS. Since the system was written in ASP Classic, I looked through my options and settled on Snitz Forums. Since 13 July 2005 I've been an active member in the support forums for this project - helping others, contributing various extensions, and working with the core dev team on the 3.4.07 release.
Stack Overflow
While not strictly an open source project like the previous two, it's worth mentioning here as it is a project I've contributed to. The actual data for every question and answer in Stack Overflow falls under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, and is released as a part of a regular data dump.

Coming Soon

My sister, brother-in-law, and I are working on a new project together. We're still in the early planning phases, so there's not much to add here other than keep an eye out on my blog for any mentions of our D20 Project.

For More Information

If you're interested in keeping up on these projects, keep tabs on the project's websites or any of the other places you can find me.